Media Development

Coimisiún na Meán carries out a range of activities to support Ireland’s media sector and help develop content for Irish audiences that reflects and shapes Irish society. We run funding schemes to support the production and preservation of culturally valuable broadcast content, and in 2024, we will prioritise developing a Local Democracy Reporting Scheme and a Courts Reporting Scheme, to stimulate the provision of high quality, diverse and innovative news and comment on current affairs.

We support the development of the media sector and related events and activities through sponsorship and the implementation of sectoral learning and development programmes. Media literacy initiatives, and our support of Media Literacy Ireland make sure that people can critically understand and interact with media and make informed choices about what they see, read and share online. We also aim to promote high standards of environmental practices in the media sector, through the  Broadcasting Sustainability Network.

In addition, An Coimisiún’s Gender, Equality, Inclusion and Diversity Strategy, due to be published in early 2024, is an important step to help ensure that the media is appropriately diverse, accessible, inclusive, and representative of contemporary Ireland.

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