Online Safety

  • Coimisiún na Meán will devise online safety code(s) to reduce the risk of harmful online content and designate the online services to which they apply.
  • We will enforce rules about how online services or platforms should deal with harmful and illegal content on their services. 
  • We do not currently investigate individual complaints in relation to online safety.

Additional information and resources relating to online safety can be found below.

What can I do if I see harmful content online?
Reporting content on online platforms
Resources relating to the European Digital Services Act
Links to other organisational resources for support
Can I report illegal content to social media platforms?
What makes content illegal?
How can I get social media platforms to remove illegal content?
Do I need to report illegal content to An Garda Síochána (or to the police in another Member State) or other body?
Can I report content which I regard as harmful if it is not illegal?
Can I report online misinformation or disinformation?
Can Coimisiún na Meán give me individual assistance with a report?