Coimisiún na Meán Publishes its First Register of Media Service Providers

Coimisiún na Meán is now publishing the first Register of Media Service Providers that are subject to registration under the Broadcasting Act 2009 as amended. An Coimisiún is required to maintain a register of media service providers under the jurisdiction of the State, and has enforcement powers to issue directions to providers, where it appears they have failed to comply with An Coimisiún’s notification process.

The current entries in the Register are based upon notifications submitted to, and decisions made by, An Coimisiún on or before the 9th November 2023, and the information included was mandated by Rules published by An Coimisiún on 4 May 2022. Additional entries are likely to be made to the Register in due course, following consideration of further notifications received by An Coimisiún.

The current Register can be found here.