Broadcasting & On Demand

We carry out the regulatory functions previously carried out by the BAI. 

These includes: 

  • Licensing radio and television services additional to those provided by RTÉ, TG4, the Houses of the Oireachtas Channel and the Irish Film Channel. The current Commercial Radio Licensing Plan can be found here.
  • Regulating TV and radio services established in Ireland.
  • Having overall responsibility for the regulation of Irish public service broadcasters.
  • Devising and implementing codes and rules for programme content on Irish broadcasting services.
  • Handling complaints from viewers and listeners concerning content broadcast by licensed and public service broadcasters.
  • Implementing a range of plurality activities, including providing advice to the Minister is respect of media mergers.

Audiovisual on-demand services:

Coimisiún na Meán is responsible for regulating audiovisual on-demand media services established in Ireland. Our statutory register of media service providers that own and operate audiovisual on-demand services is available here. Guidelines on how to notify Coimisiún na Meán that you are operating an audiovisual on-demand service may be found here and Rules may be found here. A notification form may be found here.

We will also be examining the feasibility of a European Works Levy to support the production of European content. 

The Commission’s Ownership and Control Policy will be used by the Commission to assess the ownership and control element of applications for broadcasting contracts and to assess relevant requests for variations to contracts as well as any compliance issues that may arise subsequently in respect of such contracts. The Commission endeavours to ensure that its regulatory arrangements operate proportionately, fairly and consistently. In this regard, the Policy provides clarity and certainty in respect of the regulatory approach to be adopted and the rules that will apply.


Members of the public are entitled to make a complaint where they believe a radio or television broadcast or programme material on an audiovisual on-demand media service has not complied with standards set out in statute (Part 3B of the Broadcasting and Other Media Regulation Acts 2009 and 2022) or in media service codes and rules.

Standards applying to broadcasts/programme material

The statutory standards applying to broadcasts and programme material on audiovisual on-demand media services, from 15th March 2023, come under the following headings:

  • Harm, offence, incitement, and authority of State (section 46J)
  • Privacy (section 46K)
  • News and Current Affairs (section 46L)
  • Advertising (sections 46M(2) or (3), 106(3) and 127(6))
  • Retention of copies of programme material (section 46P(1) or (2))

Coimisiún na Meán may also prepare media service codes and rules governing the standards and practices of broadcasters and audiovisual on-demand media service providers.  Prior to an Coimisiún having made any such media service codes and rules, existing BAI Codes and Rules continue in force, but apply to broadcasters only.  These are:

Making a complaint

Broadcast complaints must be in writing and should generally be made to the broadcaster in the first instance.  Contact information for broadcasters can be found here.   

Coimisiún na Meán is currently establishing a register of audiovisual on-demand media service providers which are subject to regulation in this jurisdiction.  On-demand providers have 3 months from 15th March 2023 to notify an Coimisiún to be included on the register.  If you wish to make a complaint about on-demand content while the register is being prepared, please email and include the following information: 

  • Programme/content title 
  • Audiovisual ondemand service name 
  • Date programme/content was accessed 
  • Statutory standard(s) that you believe was/were breached  
  • Elements of the programme/content which you believe did not meet those standard(s) 

On receipt of your email, an Coimisiún will liaise with the relevant audiovisual on-demand media service provider to try to establish whether the on-demand service in question is subject to the statutory complaints process.  Your complaint cannot be processed by an Coimisiún until this is established.  We will keep you updated in relation to this. 

If, for reasons of sensitivity or privacy, you wish to make your complaint directly to Coimisiún na Meán, please contact us at or (01) 963 7755.

Timeframe for making a complaint

Broadcast complaints must be made:

  • No more than 30 days after the date of the broadcast (if it relates to one broadcast)
  • No more than 30 days after the date of the earlier or earliest broadcast (if it relates to two or more unrelated broadcasts)
  • No more than 30 days after the date of the later or latest broadcast (if it relates to two or more related broadcasts)

Complaints about audiovisual on-demand programme material must be made:

  • No more than 30 days after the date the programme material ceased to be available on the audiovisual on-demand media service.

Complaints Handling Procedure

If you are not satisfied with the response to your complaint by the broadcaster or audiovisual on-demand media service provider or you do not receive a response within 20 working days, you can refer your complaint to Coimisiún na Meán at  Complaint referrals should be made no more than 14 days after the date of receipt of the relevant broadcaster’s response or when a response was due.  When referring your complaint, please include a copy of the original complaint and all correspondence between you and the broadcaster. 

Complaints made on or after 15th March 2023 are subject to a new complaint handling process, which replaces the previous complaint handling process carried out by the BAI. Coimisiún na Meán is preparing guidance for complainants in relation to this process, which will be published soon.  In the meantime, you can contact us at or (01) 963 7755.

Complaints in progress on 15th March 2023

If you have a complaint in progress with a broadcaster or the BAI on 15th March 2023, it will be processed using the complaints handling process provided in the Broadcasting Act 2009, as if that Act had not been amended and with the Commission having the powers of the BAI Compliance Committee.  Guidance in relation to this process is available here. In the meantime, you can contact us at or (01) 963 7755.

Latest BAI Complaints Decisions

Contact Details

Making a Complaint

Complaints must be made in writing and should generally be made to the broadcaster in the first instance. Complaints against an audiovisual on-demand media service provider should be directed to and we will advise you on your next steps.

Complaints can be made or referred to Coimisiún na Meán at

If you have queries or require assistance in making a complaint, please contact or (01) 963 7755.

If you are unable to contact us by email or phone, you can write to: Coimisiún na Meán, 1 Shelbourne Buildings, Shelbourne Road, Dublin 4, D04 NP20.

If you have already contacted us at the BAI complaints email address, you do not need to resend your email as we will still receive it.


Members of the public are entitled to request a right-of-reply under the Right-of-Reply Scheme where they believe something factually incorrect was broadcast which gave rise to their honour or reputation being impugned.  Right-of-reply requests must be made to the broadcaster in the first instance.   

The Right-of-Reply Scheme prepared by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) remains in force.  References to the Compliance Committee of the BAI within the Scheme can be understood as references to the Commission.  

Online Safety Complaints

Coimisiún na Meán has yet to establish an individual complaints mechanism for online safety matters.  Accordingly, complaints about online safety matters cannot be made using the online portal or by emailing the above address.  For more information, please refer to the Online Safety section of this website.