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Engagement with Platforms following violent incidents in Dublin last week

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As soon as Coimisiún na Meán became aware of the horiffic stabbing incident in Dublin last Thursday, we contacted large platforms to alert them to the incident and raise concerns about the spread of violent imagery and the incitement of hatred and violence online.

On Friday, along with the European Commission, we met with these platforms to get information on how they had responded to the incident. We have continued to speak to the platforms this week. The platforms have shared information about the speed and efficacy of their response, including some broad data on content removals.

The platforms indicated that they responded quickly to the spread of illegal content on their services. However we remain concerned about the spread of misinformation and disinformation online, and its real-world impacts. We expect the platforms to remain vigilant to any use of their service that could lead to hatred or violence and report any evidence of criminal activity to An Garda Síochána.

We remind people to be aware of the risks of disinformation and misinformation online, and to Stop, Think and Check before sharing content with others.

We are following up with the platforms to learn more about their policies and processes for dealing with disinformation and misinformation, so that once our powers are fully in place from February 17th 2024, we can work effectively with the European Commission to keep people safe online.