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Coimisiún na Meán seeks views for developing Ireland’s First binding Online Safety Code

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EXTENDED DEADLINE:  Following requests from industry and civil society organisations the Commission has agreed to extend the deadline. The new deadline for submissions is Monday 4th September 2023.

Coimisiún na Meán, Ireland’s new media regulator and media development agency, is seeking views from the public and other interested parties to inform the development of Ireland’s first binding Online Safety Code. It is intended that the first Online Safety Code will focus on video-sharing platforms service providers and make sure they take measures to address online harms more effectively.

The Commission, which was established in March 2023 has a key responsibility for setting standards, rules, and codes for the different types of media services and relevant online services operating in Ireland. This includes responsibility for preparing and applying an Online Safety Code. The Commission has today (11.07.23) launched a Call for Inputs, entitled Online Safety – Developing Ireland’s First Binding Online Safety Code for Video-Sharing Platform Services. The Call for Inputs seeks to gather a wide range of views to help develop a code that is fit for purpose and will inform the preparation of the draft code for formal consultation later this year.

Commenting, Online Safety Commissioner, Niamh Hodnett said: “One of the Commission’s key duties is to develop online safety code(s) for video-sharing platform services (VSPS). This includes popular online media services and apps where user-generated videos are shared and watched, including by children and young people.  We intend for the first Online Safety Code to focus on VSPS providers, making sure that they take measures to address online harms more effectively.

“We are now seeking input from the public and other interested parties on how we should develop Ireland’s first Online Safety Code. Our Call for Inputs document explores the potential scope of the Code and sets out a range of questions that we would like people to consider. The responses will play an important role in helping us to identify issues and information that should be taken into account when developing the Code. Following this, we will publish a draft Code, and people will have the opportunity to comment on our specific proposals during the public consultation on the draft Code. The Code will then be finalised and applied to video-sharing platform services. Of critical importance to the Commission is to introduce a new code that strengthens the regulation of video-sharing platforms and significantly reduces the potential harms that online videos can cause to children and young people.”

In preparation for the development of the Online Safety Code, the Commission is also consulting on a new e-Commerce Compliance Strategy (also published today). Separately, it intends to establish a Youth Advisory Committee and is conducting research on online harms.

Over the coming months, the Commission will designate the video-sharing platforms that will fall within the scope of the Commission’s regulatory framework for online safety.

Executive Chairperson of Coimisiún na Meán, Jeremy Godfrey added: “The Call for Inputs is an important step towards developing Ireland’s first binding Online Safety Code. We want to collect a wide range of views to help us to develop a code that is clear, workable and legally robust, while protecting people from online harm and upholding human rights, including the right to Freedom of Expression. We call on anyone with an interest in this area to be involved in informing the development of this important Code by contributing to our Call for Inputs.”

The Call for Inputs document and details of how to make a submission can be found here. The deadline for submission is 5pm on Monday 4th September 2023.


Media Contact: Joanne Ahern / Síona Cahill, DHR Communications, Tel: 087-9881837 / 087- 753 0255.

Notes for Editors:

  • Executive Chairperson Jeremy Godfrey is available for interview, on request.
  • Biographies of the commissioners can be found here.
  • Images of the commissioners can be found here.

About Coimisiún na Meán:

Coimisiún na Meán is Ireland’s new commission for regulating broadcasters, on-demand services and online media, and supporting media development. Established in March 2023 under the Online Safety and Media Regulation Act 2022, it builds on the work of its predecessor, the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland. It is responsible for ensuring and maintaining a thriving and diverse media landscape in Ireland that facilitates a mix of voices, opinions and sources of news and current affairs, as well as a safe online environment.

Its responsibilities are to:

  • Oversee the funding of and support the development of the wider media sector in Ireland.
  • Oversee the regulation of broadcasting and video-on-demand services.
  • Develop and enforce the Irish regulatory regime for online safety.

In June, the Commission published its first workplan which can be viewed here. Coimisiún na Meán is led by an Executive Chairperson, and currently includes an Online Safety Commissioner, a Media Development Commissioner, and a Broadcasting Commissioner